Cristiano Ronaldo is very much glad for his body’s capacity to resist time apparently. At 36 years old, Cristiano’s body is however fit as it might have been a while back.

“I’m 36 years of age and I can in any case rival the best players and can in any case keep up with the shape I was in when I was 20 years of age.”

The Portuguese veteran made the case in a meeting with a main day to day. He can accomplish such an accomplishment since he has experience understanding his body’s necessities, whether it be strategies, nourishment, execution or recovery. His experience empowers him to pretty much rule out possibility.

Cristiano trains 5 days of the week for 3-4 hours, which assists him with keeping his muscle to fat ratio low. He supplements that with a few meetings of cardio. Indeed, even on his rest days, he takes a dip or sprint.

His time at the gym has altogether beefed him since his childhood at Manchester. At this point not a wiry dribbler, Cristiano serenely holds-off top worldwide protectors, regardless of whether they’re truly really forcing.


Ronaldo has six little measured meals daily – around one each three to four hours. He follows a high protein diet with a lot of entire grain carbs, foods grown from the ground.He regularly eats leafy foods toast would it be advisable for him he require it, all while drinking a lot of water and staying away from sodas. He has had similar dietician since his real Madrid days, who has assisted him with staying by the strict dietary plans. He always avoids sugar and alcohol. He eats meat and other animal items and wears materials produced using animals.


The Portuguese isn’t a vegan or plant-based, yet restricts his meat consumption due to the higher fat admission. Fish is a critical piece of his eating routine with Lisbon speciality Bacalao a la Brasa – a combination of braised cod, onions, cut potatoes and fried eggs – one of his favorites.


Spanish sports publication revealed that Ronaldo’s clinical assessment shows he has recently 7% body fat, which is 3% below the normal for a soccer player. Furthermore, Ronaldo has a half bulk, which is 4% more prominent than normal. Cristiano Ronaldo keeps on resisting age with strict eating regimen and best in class innovation. Cristiano Ronaldo has now turned 37, yet keeps on having the body and the physicality of somebody a half of his age

Ronaldo frequently with numerous reps instead of heavier loads with more limited reps, as he attempts to keep up with his flexibility and remain lean while remaining muscular and powerful. He lifts such countless loads inside a gym for working all muscle groups. it has been accounted that he lifts around 23,000kg per gym session

Ronaldo runs in excess of 6 miles for each game. His endurance is one reason his body fat is in the low single digits. top level games are in many cases changed in the last 20 minutes, the window when Ronaldo scored his one fourth of his goals last season.


As of now, the portuguese superstar is involved with Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez. Georgina and Ronaldo have been together starting around 2016. She has been by the side of best footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for very nearly five years.

Ronaldo and Georgina have been together for some years now however the couple met when the 28-year-old was working in the Gucci store in Madrid back in 2016, when Ronaldo was purportedly an individual shopping client of hers

In a interview with ITV in 2019, Ronaldo, , portrayed finding “genuine affection” with Georgina after the pair met interestingly at a Gucci store, where she was a deals right hand. The Juventus star told Docks Morgan: “She helped me so much. Of course, I’m in love with her.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is already the father of four children, the oldest is Cristiano Jr, eleven years old. The twins Eva and Mateo, born from a surrogate mother, as well as little Alana Martina, the first daughter in common between CR7 and Georgina.


In 1992,He originally played for Clube Desportivo Nacional of Madeira and afterward moved to Wearing Clube de Portugal (known as sporting Lisbon), where he played for that club’s different youth teams prior to making his debut in Brandishing’s most memorable group in 2002. He has scored a record 817 senior career goals for club and country.he is one of the few recorded players to have made over 1,100 professional career appearances.

Collective awards

Season / yearCompetitionClub / national teamRef(s)
1995–96U-13 Regional ChampionshipNacional[4]
2002Supertaça Cândido de OliveiraSporting CP[5]
2003–04FA CupManchester United[5]
2004UEFA European Championship runner-upPortugal[6][7]
2004–05FA Cup runner-up[c]Manchester United[6]
2005–06Football League Cup[5]
2006FIFA World Cup fourth place[d]Portugal[8][9][10]
2006–07Premier LeagueManchester United[11][5]
2006–07FA Cup runner-up[c][12]
2007FA Community Shield[5]
2007–08Premier League[11][5]
2007–08UEFA Champions League[5]
2008FIFA Club World Cup[5]
2008FA Community Shield[13][14]
2008–09Premier League[11][5]
2008–09Football League Cup[5]
2008–09UEFA Champions League runner-up[e][5]
2010–11Copa del ReyReal Madrid[15][5]
2011Supercopa de España runner-up[f][16]
2011–12La Liga[5]
2012UEFA European Championship bronze medalPortugal[17]
2012Supercopa de EspañaReal Madrid[5]
2012–13Copa del Rey runner-up[f][18]
2013–14Copa del Rey[5]
2013–14UEFA Champions League[5]
2014UEFA Super Cup[19][5]
2014Supercopa de España runner-up[20]
2014FIFA Club World Cup[5]
2015–16UEFA Champions League[21][22][23][24][5]
2016UEFA European ChampionshipPortugal[25][26][27][28][29][5]
2016FIFA Club World CupReal Madrid[30][5]
2016–17La Liga[31][5]
2016–17UEFA Champions League[32][5]
2017FIFA Confederations Cup third place[g]Portugal[33][34][35]
2017UEFA Super CupReal Madrid[36][37][5]
2017Supercopa de España[5]
2017FIFA Club World Cup[38][5]
2017–18UEFA Champions League[5]
2018Supercoppa ItalianaJuventus[39][40][41][42][5]
2018–19Serie A[43][44][45][5]
2018–19UEFA Nations LeaguePortugal[46]
2019Supercoppa Italiana runner-up[h]Juventus[47][48]
2019–20Coppa Italia runner-up[i][49][50]
2019–20Serie A[51]
2020Supercoppa Italiana[52]
2020–21Coppa Italia


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