Do these 5 Home Remedies, No one will be able to stop your face from glowing

Do you also want to have a glowing skin?Or are you the owner of a beautiful skin?

So what do you eat to maintain that natural glow? What are you using for your skin?Friends..! Having healthy, glowing skin is surely one of everyone’s desires, and you do everything you are told to take care of it – from drinking lots of water to using the right skincare products and more So many. However, dirt, pollution and poor diet come in and ruin everything. Then how do you make your dry and lifeless skin shiny and beautiful? I wish you had a beauty handbook that contained age-old beauty secrets for glowing skin! How cool would that be, right? Well, this wish of yours is fulfilled at this time.To help you in this struggle, we’ve rounded up the most important and effective skin secrets. Here, we have some really effective beauty secrets for glowing skin that really work like a charm, and there aren’t any hard rules involved. These glowing beauty secrets passed down by our forefathers will help you achieve a natural and healthy glow. Read on to learn 5 secrets to glowing skin that you probably didn’t know. So, get ready to make some lifestyle and skin care changes for your ever glowing skin…

1.Do Kapalbhati daily – Kapalbhati literally means ‘shining forehead’, and regular practice of this ancient pranayama leads to exactly that – a forehead that not only shines from without, but also a wisdom that shines from within. Gets sharp and refined. This cleansing breath can not only help you release stress and toxins from the mind and body, but it can also help dispel negative emotions, dispel lethargy, and energize the body. By doing Kapalbhati Pranayama every morning for 10 to 20 minutes, you can become the owner of a glowing skin.

2. Eat well because most importantly– glow comes from within. About twice a week at least. After exfoliation apply face pack/toner/moisturizer. Do not keep your skin dry at any time. Keep moisturizing with a good face cream from time to time. Use sunscreen. It is recommended to apply sunscreen at all times, especially when you go out in the sun but I personally would not recommend it as it makes it difficult for the skin to breathe. Also, the makeup product should be of a good brand which is very smooth and long lasting. Use toner. Rose water is a good alternative. It evens out the skin tone and leaves you feeling refreshed. Keep drinking a lot of water so that your skin remains moist. Remove makeup and clean your face before sleeping. Using coconut oil and rose water to clean your face is easy and pocket friendly. It moisturizes the skin well. Exfoliate your lips. Chapped lips are a big problem. Apply lip balm regularly. Use The Body Shop or any good brand lip balm.

3. Wash your face daily with Masoor dal powder and apply natural aloe vera and honey mix on face as face pack. Then wash face after 20 minutes. It works and many people have seen benefits in as little as 1 week of regular use. If you have pimples on your face, do not pop them or else they will leave scars which look very ugly. You should use neem pack or face wash of a good company. Curd and multani mitti pack reduces the irritation of pimples and also removes its marks. If pimples are more then stop using chemical products for some time.

4. It is said that the cure for all our most complex diseases is hidden in our navel. By keeping the navel beautiful, we can make our whole body shiny. You take 2-3 drops of Badam Rogan daily and rub it with light hands on the navel and within 1 inch radius of it. Just do it every night for 1 month and see your skin will start glowing much more than before. And one thing, dirt should never remain in the navel, it can become a home for diseases. It is very important to clean the navel from time to time.

5. Consume ‘Amloki’ regularly as much as possible. It contains many essential nutrients for hair and skin, which not only heals the outer skin, but also takes care of the inner skin. If this is not available, eat gooseberry marmalade every morning on an empty stomach or drink gooseberry powder with water. If fresh gooseberry is available, make juice of 2-3 gooseberries and consume it with plenty of water. Apart from this, consumption of spinach leaves and tomato juice or soup is also beneficial. Make a juice by mixing carrot, beetroot, cucumber and add lemon to it and consume it every morning or afternoon, your face will get glowing. Note – All the things mentioned above are very useful, but they will give results only when you follow it regularly.

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