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I did 30 Minutes of Jump Rope Everyday for 30 Days

When I think of jump rope, I think of either some absurdly shredded boxer or I think of like a seven year old school girl doing double Dutch. And that’s it. Which raises the question, why aren’t more people jumping rope? Just think about it. It’s cheaper than cycling, more accessible than the gym, and easier on your body than running.

So I want to try it out for. Hi, my name is ujjwal, and every day for the next 30 days, I’m gonna jump rope for 30 minutes. My goal is to see how much my body will change and hopefully show how beneficial jump rope can be for an average like myself. Oh, On day one, I weigh in at 151.9 pounds with a body fat percentage of 16.3% In addition to any physical changes, I also want to test one more thing.

Do you think if I skipped with a weighted row for 30 days that I could beat you in a in a strength competition? Seriously. Yeah, No . That’s a stupid question. Challenge accepted For my training.

You’re gonna struggle to get a sense of where I’m at on day one. I do a timed skip with the one pound roll.

Oh, where do you feel it here so much? Here, Lasting only one minute with the weighted rope, I decide to change up my approach. I opt to start out just using the speed rope to see if I can get closer to my 30 minute workout goal. But even with the speed rope, I can still only go for three minutes straight before I’m exhausted.

And so with lots of breaks, I make my way through my first 30 minute workout.

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As I go on, my skipping gets slower and my breaks get longer, and it really feels like this is the longest 30 minutes of my life.

The next day, I head out early in hopes of having a better day too, but somehow it actually gets more painful.

Whether it’s my leg or my finger or my arm, I’m getting whipped by my jump rope every workout, and sometimes it’s pretty bad. So I got smugged pretty good the other day while I was skipping.


This skipping rope is out to kill. What the heck? Feeling the pains of my first week. I really wanna focus in on improving my technique to hopefully avoid some bruises in week too. Starting from the feet, the whole way to the top up on your toes. Like your heels should never touch the ground. Your knee should be slightly bent.

You want to keep your elbows in at your side. When you’re jumping, your shoulders should be back. So you should really feel the jump rope engaging like all of your back muscles. And then the last thing would be just eyes, um, straight forward.

I would say keep your head up because it should basically be like a straight line from the crown of your head the whole way down through your heels.

One last piece of feedback. Try to stay in the same spot, like briefly. You kind of backed up and went forward a little bit. The biggest piece of feedback I would give is to try and create that symmetrical shape. So like one thing that we tell people is jump rope in front of a mirror. That would be my only feedback.

While I’m not able to practice with a mirror, I start watching my workouts back to try and hone my technique. Specifically focusing in on keeping my head up to keep good alignment, keeping my elbows tucked in towards my torso and trying to jump in the same spot. And the more I practice, the more I start to enjoy my workouts.

Am really able to push myself. It’s my first time passing 300 calories in a skipping workout. We smoke some sweat

with Every day that I practice, I feel like I get better and I really start to have some fun. Oh, and of course, with skipping every single day, commas recovery, which also isn’t very fun.

It is day 15. We are halfway through this challenge in holy smokes. Have I seen some improvement? First off, when I started this challenge, I was only able to skip for three consecutive minutes with the speed rope. Now I’m skipping five minutes. Second, my footwork has improved so much. I now have a bunch of different steps in my repertoire, and I’m even starting to do some double unders and a few tricks.

Hell yeah. I’m also in the works of learning a 360, but. Right now, I just kind of look like handsome man. How stupid does that look? Pretty bad, . So definitely lots of positives. However, on the other side of things, I’m getting a little bit nervous about this final challenge with Brendan. The reason being, I have been so focused on using the speed rope and having so much fun with that, that.

Yeah, I haven’t touched a weighted rope for the entire challenge, so in hopes of not embarrassing myself by the end of this, I’m gonna be focusing more in on using the weighted rope over these next two weeks, and hopefully I can see as much improvement with the weighted rope as I have with the speed rope.

The next day, I time myself to see if I’ve made any improvements from where I started with the weighted rope.

One 20. That’s not good enough. I gotta get better. The weighted rope is a whole different experience from the speed rope. While the motion is the same, it really tires your forearms and shoulders out quickly, making practicing with it pretty tiring. . I don’t know if you could see this, but my hand is shaking.

My forearms are getting wrecked from these weighted rope workouts. To make things a little easier, I settle in on a workout of 10 minutes of speed rope, followed by 10 minutes of weighted rope with lots of breaks, of course, and then finishing with another 10 minutes of speed rope, and with my workout routine locked in the final week approaching.

All that’s left to do is finish this challenge strong.

We have made it. Today is the final day. And normally I feel nervous doing final tests or challenges, but uh, right now I just kind of feel excited and I think that’s because win or lose with this final competition. This challenge has been a huge success. I’ve seen improvements in my foot, speed and coordination.

My cardio, I feel stronger, honestly. I just feel like jump rope is such a good mix of fun and good exercise. And if you wanna make exercising a lasting habit, one of the best things you can have is an element of fun to it. And I think Jump Rope is like the perfect vehicle for that.

Let’s get it. The challenge is simple. Who can skip the longest with the weighted rope? The only other element is that if you mess up, your time stops. You have to go do five overhead presses with a dumbbell, then back to skip it.

I don’t like it . I don’t like this . And with that fatigue comes mistakes.

Hey, my arms, I really feel it with pain and discomfort setting in. All I can do is focus in and try to make it past two minutes.

I honestly don’t really know what comes over me. I get a second wind and keep going, focusing my sight solely on how far I can push myself. Let’s freaking go. I started out doing this for one minute. thats it. just practice it and add these in your cardio routine.

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