If you want to treat PCOS, the first thing that you need to do is get the right information. And I’m so glad you’re here. Now that you’ve given me your time, I’ll make sure that by the end of this blog, you’ll have a clear idea of what PCOS is, why it happens, and what you can do to control it so that you have your periods regularly.



Polycystic ovarian syndrome or polycystic ovarian disease is a condition where there is hormonal imbalance, which leads to irregular periods and sometimes difficulty in conceiving. It’s associated with weight gain and excessive hair.

PCOS basically means that your ovaries are under a lot of pressure, and that is why they’re not functioning properly. Let’s first understand why one in every five women in India has PCOS, and that’s because women in particular have to go through a lot of challenges, social as well as physiological, starting with career, then pressures to get married, having to adjust in a new.

The decision of childbirth, which is often not hers, but everybody else’s. In fact, a friend of mine had to go through a drug treatment because her in-laws wanted her to get pregnant soon, and that messed up her body. In spite of doing all of this, we are still judged for how we behave. How she look, and all of these judgements and compromises will lead to.

Stress and unfortunately today our bodies have started showing that stress in the form of, uh, acne, hair loss, unwanted hair weight gain, irregular period. PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is nothing but an indication that things in our life are not in our control. But the good news is this PCOS is not a fatal condition yet, but it is a yellow warning sign telling us that we are leading towards other fatal conditions like type two diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, depression, high body fat.


So before it gets worse, how do we treat PCOS? Two things are important in the treatment aspect of PCOD . First and foremost is modification of the lifestyle that is adopting a healthy lifestyle involves, you know, taking a healthy diet, which includes taking lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which also act like antioxidants.

And the more important is a regular physical activity, which really helps in reducing. Sometimes reducing a weight of around five cages helps to regularize your period and also helps in conceiving. Yes, doctors agree that if you lose your body fat, it’ll help your ovaries perform better. But we know that losing fat is not easier at all, but that’s not a problem.

The real problem is this. There are people who know that it is difficult. So to make a quick bug, they’re trying to sell you one month transformation programs loose 10 kg five sitting procedures, or thousand kilo calorie diet. Which are not healthy at all for your body, let alone your ovaries, but you still fall for it.

Thinking that, let me first lose five to 10 kgs using crash dieting, and then I’ll get back to healthy eating. Tell me this, do you know anyone for whom it has worked? They might lose one to two kgs at first, but they gain five back and then they give up. So today we’re not gonna talk about any crash diet.

Today we will talk about an anti PCOS lifestyle. That will make your bones denser, skin smoother, hair thicker, mind calmer. There are two ways to treat it.

  • Number one is when you try to control the unknown, that is your hormones.

You make your dog functioning and instead use drugs to bring a hormonal balance. But we all know that drugs have side effects, so they should not be your first. But there’s also secondary in which you don’t touch your hormones at all. Instead, you control what’s known, and that’s your body. And the best part, it doesn’t have any side effects.


So if you wanna access this side effect free, drug-free, inexpensive solution, then you need to take care of these four things. I hope you’re ready.

Diet, weight loss, lady birthing diet. And by diet I don’t mean soups, salads, or boiled. You’re ovaries are at a stage where they need all the essential nutrients more than ever, and that is possible only if you follow these four basic healthy food guidelines.

Number one, throw away anything that says fat free or low fat, because without essential fats, there is no absorption of fat soluble vitamins like a d e, which are required by your body.

Number two, you know this. Eat, no packet, cereals, processed foods, Olas juices, chips, or anything that comes in a packet, ready to eat.

And I’ll tell you why. Our bodies are made up of the food that we eat. And if we eat frozen, processed heavy on chemicals, food. Imagine, what will a body be like?

Number three, make sure that you include things like whole grains, dolls, milk, milk products, fish, eggs, flat seats, walnut, funny cheese, green veggies, things that are fermented like Italy, DOA in your diet because they’re not only improve your, hormones, but they also improve your insulin sensitivity.

Number four, eat your food on time. I don’t know why women wake up sort the house and around. Prepare food feed kids, pack the bus for their husband, wait for the loss to finish, and after everything is done, they eat for themselves. Girl, eat your food first because if you take care of your body, then it will have the energy to take care of someone else.

With, along with those healthy spices, and in case your doctor has asked you to avoid or include something specifically, then make sure you do that too. The second thing that you need to take care of is exercise. You knew I was gonna say this, but you were hoping that I wouldn’t because I know you don’t like working out, and that’s a problem because exercise is supposed to be a playtime.

A little girls, Loved playing, running, skipping, climbing trees, but once She hit puberty, we said goodbye to all physical. Instead of playing, we used to gather around former group and just look at guys playing. I mean, I don’t know about you, but my sister used to do that. But over the past few years I discovered this.

The only way to regular periods is through regular exercise. And don’t worry, I’m not even ask you to join the gym, start walking, brisk walking, pick a Batman and or any of the sport that you like because if you want your ovaries to get healthy, you need to move. If you want to work out at. They’ll start with this 15 minute beginner home workout and do it for at least three days every week.

The third thing that can help us treat PCOS is sleep. When did you sleep last night?

And then you woke up again at seven or eight. That means that your body did not get any time to absorb nutrients, repair, heal, weight loss. If you wanna see weight loss results, then you have to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time every single day. And if you’re from it, don’t tell me that you sleep on weekends and make up for the entire week. That does not count.

The fourth and the final thing that you need to control what we eat. The reason why we put on weight is because often we don’t have any control over what we eat. We eat either because we are too stressed or we are seeking some sort of emotional fulfillment that we try to find in food.

Isn’t that correct? And hey, I’m not judging anyone. But the truth is this, these things might never change. They’ll always be a partial manager, difficult in-laws, challenging kids, demanding house pressures from the society.

And the only way to ignore all of this is to find something that you love, Something that feels like a break, like singing, dancing, painting, playing with your kids, physical intimacy with your partner, working out cooking. Making YouTube videos, writing blogs etc.

You might think that I am helping you by,making these blogs and sharing my knowledge with you, but in reality, You are helping me by giving me your time. And for that, I can’t thank you enough because this is the reason why I don’t make bad food choices or bad lifestyle decisions.

So let this be a goal for 2023 to find something that you love to do because once you have this in place, you will not be stressed. You will eat healthy food, you will find the time to exercise and you will sleep on time. And all of these will lead to fat loss and healthy. Because Girl Health is not a one month program.

It is a lifelong journey, and only these four things will keep you healthy. And if you want me to be a part of your health journey, then you’ll always find me here. All you need to do is comment and if you think what I shared with you today, we’ll also help a friend or a family member of yours, then please do share this with. Thankyou so much.


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